Emily Blair

Artwork and Writing

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44 pages, black & white with color cover

The ninth chapbook in Booklyn's ABC series, Idaville is an illustrated short story about a boy detective who never grew up and a girl who did.

This is sold out at publisher Booklyn, but you can still order with the original cover from Quimby's or from me with the alternate cover (pictured).

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Living Statues

Living Statues
32 vertigo-filled pages, black and white with color cover
This comic was published with a grant from the Xeric Foundation

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Soap Opera

Soap Opera

24 pages, black & white with color cover

Soap Opera has a young fan of daytime drama as its protagonist. As the tale progresses, the heightened emotions of soap opera permeate the more subdued story of a real life friendship in danger of dissolution.

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